Denver Health Medical Center – Nurses View Dead Body Genitalia

Five nurses at Denver Health Medical Center have been suspended for three weeks. These nurses were busted viewing genitalia not for medical purposes but for perversion. Adding insult to injury these nurses viewed genitalia of dead human corpses.

These incidents supposedly occurred March thirty first two thousand seventeen through April third two thousand seventeen. Female nurses opened body bags of male deceased individuals, for sole purpose of looking at their sex organs. In American society, we men are labeled the perverts.

One nurse whom wasn’t a peeping tom so to speak reported these actions. Denver police gestapo were notified of this complaint. A representative from Denver Health Medical Center released this statement.

“Their actions, which violated our policies and our Code of Conduct, were promptly reported to appropriate governmental authorities, including the Denver Police Department and the Colorado State Board of Nursing. An internal Denver Health investigation resulted in disciplinary action against all those responsible for the incident and the patient’s next of kin was notified.”

Initially, after police gestapo investigated, they claimed no crime had been committed. Denver Health Medical Center is covering up, pun intended, er I mean performing their own internal investigation. This has resulted in the three weeks suspension of all five nurses.

I am assuming all five nurses were female, but I don’t know that for a fact. Four out of five of these health perverts returned back to work. A fifth pervert did not return back to their peeping duties, but was not fired.

These acts were still against Denver Health Medical Center policy. I never knew necrophilia was so popular and I guess that is naive of me. You might be wondering why I wrote this blog post.

I am a raw food vegan, and like writing articles pertaining to America’s medical industrial complex. I couldn’t resist writing this blog post. These medical perverts obviously couldn’t resist their necrophilia urges.

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