Gummy Bears – Are Made From Boiled Animal Bones Skin and Tendons

I wrote a blog recently pertaining to fourteen teens getting sick from possibly laced gummy bears. As a raw food vegan, I am always learning about how products are made. I decided to find out how and what gummy bears are made from.

Basically, gummy bears are made mostly from gelatin you would find in Jello for example. However, this gelatin is then created by boiling animal bones, skin, and tendons. One large ingredient is collagen.

Collagen is a protein found in quite a few animals including us humans. Collagen is what makes your skin elastic. If a product such as gummy bears includes Gelatin than it is NOT vegan.

There are some vegan made candies with substances such as Cellulose also known as Amid, Agar Agar, Biobin, Guar, Xanthan, Carob fruit, etc. These substances allow an elastic texture similar to Gelatin. If a product lists Gelatin as an ingredient, then that product is NOT vegan.

Manufacturers use strong acid or strong base to break down ground up bones, hooves, connective tissues, skin, tendons, etc. A popular short video titled Gelatin The Real Story has received millions of views on the Internet. This is a quick primer of how Gummy Bears and other candies with Gelatin are made. Finally, Gummy Bears include corn syrup, sugar, water, food coloring, and citric acid and fruit juice flavorings.

Gummy Bears – Laced Cause Thirteen Naperville Students to Get Sick

On December six two thousand sixteen thirteen Naperville North students became sick after eating Gummy Bears laced with an not disclosed substance. This high school is in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. These students showed signs of a fast heart rate, dizziness and dry mouth.

Lily a Naperville North High School student was quoted verbatim:

“A lot of people told me there were kids going to the hospital on stretchers and everyone was really sick from the gummy bears.”

All thirteen students were transported to a nearby Edwards hospital. Eleven of those students remained hospitalized as of Tuesday afternoon. Two of those remaining students were released.

Some students claim this candy was laced with a liquid based marijuana substance. Police claim this candy is still being tested and wouldn’t verify validity of this claim. Details remain sketchy concerning whether or not these students knew these gummy bears were laced or if they were completely oblivious.

Another report claims that fourteen total students were taken to a hospital, with twelve actually eating those gummy bears. At one point a seventeen year old student was questioned by police and taken into custody. However, that student has since been released by gestapo I mean police.

I was not able to find out if these were vegan and or sugar free gummy bears. Naperville School District released an official statement on their FaceBook page. Naperville Illinois police released a short statement on their FaceBook page.

Outcome of this incident will be interesting. Were these gummy bears laced at a factory or once purchased? Perhaps a solution is to not eat gummy bears even sugar free at all.

Veganarchism – a Blend of Animal Liberation and Anarchism

What is Veganarchism you ask? This ideology is a play on two words, veganism and anarchism. In nineteen ninety five Brian A. Dominick popularized both this ideology and logo with his Animal Liberation and Social Revolution pamphlet.

This type of anarchist philosophy centered around the refusal to consume animals and animal products. Veganism is basically defined as not consuming animals and dairy products for nourishment. Anarchy is basically defined as against and or without authority.

Not only do some anarchists embrace animal liberation because animals in a sense are subject to same control mechanisms that humans abide by. Obviously, there are other factors in play such as capitalism, government, state, inhumane treatment, suffering, etc. Some anarchists have concluded that eating animals and or animal products is also not healthy.

These type of anarchists subscribe to veganism as a healthier option. From my perspective not all anarchists are the same and not all vegans are the same. Personally, I am a raw vegan, meaning I mostly eat raw not cooked fruits, seeds, grains, and vegetables.

My flavor of anarchy is individualist and pacifist in nature. Some Vegans choose to not consume any parts of animal because of empathy for them. Some vegans turn vegan solely for health reasons.

There are some vegans that perhaps use both reasons for their decision. While an anarchist I turned vegetarian and finally vegan. However, I did consume chicken eggs for quite some time.

After studying veganism more I decided to stop consuming eggs. Also, my anarchism became more full blown and I came to a conclusion that animals should became liberated for numerous reasons. This is a synopsis pertaining to veganarchism.

I highly recommend reading Animal Liberation and Social Revolution by Brian A. Dominick and Joseph M. Smith for a more complete definition.